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Maple Ridge Realtors with Experience You Can Trust

      • Combined 33 years experience
      • Over 1000 combined career sales
      • President’s Club Members 2015 – top 1% of REBGV Realtors
      • Each in the top 50 Realtors in the REBGV for 2015

With a combined 26 years of experience in real estate sales and marketing in Maple Ridge and a combined 33 years in sales and marketing overall, local residents David Maitre and John Carlson are fully-licensed, full-service REALTORS, licensed with One Percent Realty, members in good standing of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, happily serving the local community.

Having sold hundreds of properties in Maple Ridge and the lower mainland and having saved hundreds of clients many thousands of dollars each, John and Dave know how important top-notch marketing is to a successful sale – marketing which includes full MLS and www.Realtor.ca advertising, professional photography, and 3600 virtual tours. As family men, each with a growing family of his own, they also understand and appreciate the value of the dollar. This is why they are pleased to be licensed with One Percent Realty. They offer a service they can genuinely believe in.

John and Dave offer everything most other REALTORS do – and quite often more. Full MLS advertising, www.Realtor.ca, regular newsprint advertising, professional photography and 3600 virtual tours, electronic feedback systems, full contract negotiation including all documentation, and full personal service – complete service from the time a property is listed through to when the keys are given to the buyers.

Rest assured that you will get all the experience and services necessary to sell your home. In fact, the only thing you won’t get from John and Dave is a very large bill.

Savings You’ll Enjoy

    •  It’s your equity. Keep more of it.
    •  Sell any property under $600,000 for $6950 flat fee
    •  Sell any property over $600,000 for 1% of sale price + $950
    •  We’re still full-service agents
    •  No fine print, no catch

Yes, they are “regular” REALTORs in every sense of the word. They simply charge less. That’s it. End of story. On average, sellers in Maple Ridge save $5000-$10,000 per transaction by working with Dave and John, when compared to more “typical” commission rates. Though the world has progressed technologically so much in the last few decades, making business smarter and more efficient, prevailing “typical” commission rates have remained the same. This, despite the fact that housing prices in the Lower Mainland have skyrocketed. So, REALTORs’ jobs have been made easier due to better technology, and, at the same time, Realtors have received a very large pay increase due to rising housing prices. More pay for less work….does this make sense to you?

Yet, the only reason commission rates have remained the same is because so many sellers continue to pay those rates. You might have paid those rates as well…but you do not have to.

Though not all commissions are the same, the prevailing rate within Maple Ridge and the lower mainland is 7% of the 1st $100,000 of the sale price and 2.5% of the balance. This can add up fast. On a $300,000 sale, this would be $12,000 + tax, while on a $600,000 sale, this adds to $19,500 + tax. With John and Dave, you will pay only $6950 + GST for any property that sells for under $600,000, and 1% of the sale price + $950 + GST for anything that sells over $600,000. That’s it. This includes everything – including the buyer’s agent’s fee.

  • Selling a Condo
  • $300,000
  • SAVE $5050 +GST
  • Selling a House
  • $600,000
  • SAVE $12,550 +GST
  • Selling an Acreage
  • $600,000
  • SAVE $15,550 +GST

Go to Mexico. Book a cruise. Pay your child’s university tuition. Retire earlier. Start a kangaroo farm. Do whatever you want with the savings…but keep more of your money. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. And no, there is no catch.

Results You can count on

    •  In 2014, we outsold 99% of our competitors
    •  Same Services. Same Results. Why Pay More?

Year after year, Dave and John qualify for the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s MLS Medallion club, which recognizes the top 10% of REALTORS in the industry. In fact, according to Board statistics, in 2013, both Dave and John ranked in the top 100 REALTORS within the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver – out of several thousand REALTORS within the Board – the 2nd largest Real Estate Board in Canada.

Having built a very large client base within Maple Ridge, Dave and John receive numerous referrals from past clients who have sold and saved, and they are always happy to help new clients.

We Are Experts and Buying and Selling Houses!

It’s quite simple: a property that shows well, that is priced right, and that is marketed competently, will sell, regardless of who is listing it, and regardless of how much commission the seller has agreed to pay. Buyers don’t care whose name is on the lawn sign, or whose smiling face is beside the REALTOR.ca listing. Buyers only care about whether the property they are considering purchasing fits their criteria and their budget. This is intuitively obvious.

That is why, when John and Dave list your property, you can count on your property being sold within a reasonable amount of time, for the highest price your property can fetch. Your property will be listed where everyone is looking for homes for sale, including MLS, other websites, and newsprint. Your property will be marketed to the world to its maximum potential. Buyers’ agents from other local brokerages will show your property. You will sell, and you will get the best price you can get. You will simply walk away with more money in your pocket.

John and Dave aren’t gimmicky, and they don’t promise you the world. But they do promise to act with honesty and integrity, and to treat you as they would want to be treated themselves; they do promise to market your home to the best of their ability using the best methods available in the industry; they do promise to sell your home for all it’s worth; and they do promise that you will always save money.

No smoke.
No mirrors.
Just Results.

Call or email Dave or John now for your free, no pressure, no obligation, up-to-date market evaluation.

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